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What is Titan Screen®?

Titan Screen is a motorized or hand-cranked retractable screen that stores in an attractive, low profile housing unit above the opening. When you need the screen engaged, simply roll it down and you and your property are protected from harmful UV rays, insects, debris, wind and rain.

Benefits of Titan Screen® Retractable Screens:

• In place when you need them, retracted when you don’t. Won’t obstruct those beautiful views.

• Protection against damaging solar rays, insects, debis, wind and rain.

• Reduce your energy usage - solar screen deflects up to 95% of ultra-violet solar rays.

• Available in a variety of colors and screen fabrics to enhance the beauty of your property.

Click here to see screen fabric samples.

Where can I use Titan Screen®?

Porches, patios, lanais, balconies, windows, doorways, gazebos, garage doors... any opening up to 21 feet wide! If you have a space that benefits from protection against the elements while maintaining airflow, Titan Screen will work for you.

Why choose Titan Screen®?

Titan Screen was engineered to be the most durable retractable screen system on the market. The heavy-duty tube prevents sagging in the center, the welded zipper and track system prevent the screens from “blow-out” and the weighted bottom bar keeps the screen taut and enables smooth operation for years to come.

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New Titan Screen Packaging

About Titan Screen's New Packaging

Made from FlatBoard®, these innovative boxes provide superior edge and corner protection.  

• Recyclable

• Pre-scored, allowing for crisp folds and efficient wrapping

• Provide superior puncture and impact resistance

• Reinforced wood ends provide additional protection against careless handling

• On center, can easily support the weight of a standard Roedig

Titan Screen Box Supporting a Roedig

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